Ottawa’s Glowing Axe / Knife Throwing Range!

What is Max Throw?

We are a GLOW Axe & Knife Throwing business with different locations in Ottawa at either 830 Industrial Ave Unit 8 and La Taverna on Preston St. Combine food and throwing at La Taverna or combine with the smash room experience at Industrial. Come learn how to Throw Like a Pro – its a great, active family/friends activity!

How does it work?

  • Show up on site ready to have some fun, learn and/or show your skills.

  • Our instructor will teach you how to participate while giving you tricks as your skills improve.

  • All sessions are hosted in blacklight unless requested otherwise so the entire session glows. Don’t worry, its just as dangerous as normal axe throwing!

  • Play your own music on our Bluetooth system and hang out together at the range.

Max Throw Rules

  • We allow the ages of 12+ to participate in our activities without adult supervision. Younger participants require an adult at all times.

  • You must always be in control of yourself and your actions.

  • We understand that accidents happen, certain actions can have serious consequences though – should you negligently damage our equipment or venue you will be charged for the repair or replacement.

  • Sessions may be stopped early by our team if a safety concern arises or if guests aren’t following the rules of Max Throw. There are no refunds for sessions stopped early by our team for any reason pertaining to safety or negligence.

  • Participants MAY NOT PARTICIPATE if they are intoxicated, don’t follow safety requests or are abusive towards our team or each other in any way.

  • There are no refunds or make up time if you are late for your session – be prepared for your session at least 5 minutes in advance.

  • All sessions may be recorded to ensure safety.

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